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Grace Tiffany is a Shakespeare scholar who uses fiction as an additional medium for exploring the early modern world. She's edited Shakespeare's The Tempest and written articles and nonfiction books about Renaissance literature, as well as six historical novels set in the Renaissance or Middle Ages, including Will (Berkley 2004), My Father Had a Daughter (Berkley 2003), Ariel (HarperCollins 2005), The Turquoise Ring (Berkley 2005), Paint (Bagwyn Books 2013), and Gunpowder Percy (Bagwyn, 2016). Her first novel, My Father Had a Daughter, appeared on the Booksense 76 independent bookstores’ best-books list of 2003. Her fourth, Ariel, was listed as a best book by the National Library Assocation in 2006. Her third novel, The Turquoise Ring, is a retelling of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice from the perspective of the five women in the play. The book has been translated into Hebrew, Russian, and Hungarian (Magyar). Renowned Columbia University Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro has called The Turquoise Ring one of the six best creative adaptations of Shakespeare in history, grouping it with Millais' painting Ophelia and Tom Stoppard's dark comedy Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. A recent novel, Paint, is based on the turbulent life of seventeenth-century poet Emilia Lanier, a reputed lover of Shakespeare and one of the first Englishwomen to see her writing in print. (Read Michigan Live's discussion of Paint at: http://www.mlive.com/entertainment/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2013/12/6_facts_about_the_scandalous_p.html.)

Grace Tiffany's latest novel, Gunpowder Percy, builds on the historical facts surrounding the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, in which Catholic extremists attempted to blow up the English House of Lords. The novel traces the intertwined fortunes of plotters Guy Fawkes, Thomas Percy, and Robert Catesby, two of whom are fanatical playgoers driven to regicidal fantasies by Shakespeare’s history plays at the Globe. Her latest academic book, from ACMRS Press, is a translation of selected works by the Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges, entitled Borges on Shakespeare.

Grace Tiffany talks about writing, history, and fiction with Texas Radio's Jim McKeown at http://kwbu.org/post/behind-story-interview-grace-tiffany

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  1. Kathleen.murphy1299@gmail.comOctober 2, 2016 at 2:45 PM

    I just finished your novel. WILL.... I HAVE ONLY WRITTEN TO ONE OTHER AUTHOR.... a navy seal, after reading his book...I have devoured books since I learned to read and I am now 67! My mom said the worst thing she did was senf me to school to learn to read...there after. Instead of doing chores (I was the eldest of 12)... I would have my nose in a book....your novel is one of the best I have ever read! I am dad to heat toy cut out 800 pages of your original.. wish I could read them...I will buy your other books...and will be anxious to recieved them. I am a retired teacher...I was am English major at Penn State...add I read this novel it was if someone who lived in Shakespeare's time wrote the novel...your use of words was something I can't describe..'God hath time to pick nits...I do not' as said by Anne....or on p101 in my book...hardback...the paragraph that starts !the new play burned in his mind like a sparked thatch roof.....the way if the powerful was not to redeem...or spread live or given wisely or we'll, but only to make the world reflect their names'....many others...I digger the lashes if novels I read and then scratch my fingernail beside words that interest me...my daughter thought they areare bookmarks...I told her no matter how many books I read at a time... I can find my place workout a bookmark and don't mind rereading a page or 2....I use my phone as my computer and use swype to type and sometimes I don't catch what I should edit.... I also use 3 dots a lot because I can't see
    What I have typed in entirety and dint want to be advised of not using complete sentences....thanks for writing this novel that helped me pass many hours enjoying life...and living another's lifetime through a great book...I almost always read historical fiction and your book is one I thinknow Will would say...ELK DONE GRACE!